Florence & Rome

My favorite stops in Italy, and second favorites to Wengen, were Florence and Rome. The art museums and ruins were straight off the pages from my art history classes and I may have squealed when I stumbled upon the Column of Trajan in Rome, and knew what it was without any signs. 

In Florence we visited a print-making shop and there we were told Florence was experiencing the hottest summer in 136 years. We were all so glad we could be there to experience such a landmark…ha..haha. However 107 degrees or not it was beautiful. Due to the heat, and location, we also took a day trip to Cinque Terre (which had a gluten free ice cream cone!), oh and still drank so much Fanta and water. 

Surprisingly enough, Italy had enormous amounts of gluten free food. Practically every restaurant had either gluten free pasta, pizza, or risotto, which was a great change from averaging two salads per day

The hotel in Florence sticks out in my memory because the AC in the room I was assigned didn’t work. Actually, it was the power that didn’t work. Every few minutes it would get overloaded because someone would plug in their phone while the light was on…I think that was the explanation they gave us. Regardless, we slept with our window open on the third or fourth floor hoping that maybe our room would cool down, but instead I remember sweating and waking up with all of those mosquito bites which I had avoided in Milan. 

The next nights I pulled my mattress into a friends room and slept soundly with the window firmly closed and the AC blowing away. 

Our second to last day in Rome we visited the Colosseum and all the ruins surrounding it (I didn’t realize everything was so close) and by mid-afternoon we had taken to just pouring full water bottles over ourselves…or each other…in a vain attempt to cool down. . The rich history of Rome made it worth it, as I was thrilled to see such places as the Pantheon and the Vatican, but at the Colosseum I was positive I’d die of heatstroke. I don’t know how the gladiators did it. 

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