After London, we took a ferry to France. It was on that ferry that I left my favorite and best walking shoes…not to be reunited until Scotland where it was honestly too cold for me to have been wearing them. 

Our first stop in France was to visit Normandy and the memorial to our armed forces there. I am forever grateful for those who risk and devote their lives to the freedom of our country. Visiting Normandy was really an incredible experience as I realized that many of the boys and men who stormed that beach were MY age and would have been MY friends and that kind of rocked my world. I would’ve been writing soldiers instead of missionaries. Planting victory gardens instead of my flowers. This isn’t my reality, but it was and is the reality of many and I’m grateful for sacrifices made everyday.

Next stop was Paris. Paris was a blur at best. The first day we visited with Disneyland financial employees and then explored the park, which is vastly different from the American parks (not really in a great way either). We walked upwards of 15 miles a day running too and from sites and in one day saw Notre Dame, Musee De Orsay, the catacombs, Arch de Triumph, and ended with the Louvre, all before our 11pm curfew due to terrorist attacks in Leon. I don’t know that my feet had ever been so tired. 

The next day we visited the Eiffel Tower, walked up all of the steps in the morning, and then headed for Versailles and wandered the crowd-filled halls of Louie the 14th. 

My biggest complaint from France was the lack of easily accessible gluten free options, had I spoken French maybe this would’ve been much easier but as it was the most expensive smoothie I’ve probably ever purchased was by the Eiffel Tower and it was in a desperate effort not to starve.

I think the art work and architecture I saw there was well worth enduring the few days of plain lettuce salads.

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