I have few memories from Germany. We weren’t there long, I was feeling quite sick for a day of it, and it was hot. I haven’t even mentioned that besides London and Switzerland, we experienced an unusual heat wave through every single city. Frequently over 90 or 100 degrees. Fanta was our saving grace and the strawberries and Fanta photo was my lunch one day. 

I do remember that in Germany we visited the Eagle’s Nest, or in other words, Hitler’s Vacation home. It was a pretty nice place honestly. I wouldn’t mind moving in myself, up on the top of this mountain overlooking the mountainside. Apparently Hitler himself didn’t actually stay there because he was claustrophobic and afraid of heights and you have to drive into a deep tunnel under the mountain, take an elevator up around 40 floors, and come out on a house perched on the top of a mountain. I, on the other hand, loved the house. 

The other stop we had in Germany was Dachau. Somehow the timing worked out that I was incredibly sick the same time we got to Dachau. We pulled in, I walked inside and basically had to head straight to the bathroom, and I don’t know that I really left. TMI, but it seemed quite fitting being in the place that we were that I would be experiencing stabbing abdominal pains in 100+ degree weather, while wearing my pencil skirt and button up long sleeve. Again, it was hard to be in a place which was so riddled with the pain of others. 

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