Milan & Venice

We were only in Milan for a day or two but what sticks out in my memory the most is the gelato and saying the phrase “Milan, Darling” the entire day. (I think Taryn was to blame for that). I sampled a lot of gelato on our trip but Milan had the best, no question. The other things I remember are people getting a lot of mosquito bites (I got none); Lake Como; and the Cathedral, Duomo di Milano, being more difficult to get a great picture of, or with, than Pinterest leads one to believe. 

Venice was it’s own unique and watery city. I didn’t realize how nauseating it would be to get on and off so many water taxis, but I do have a weak stomach. At night time the square was full of beautiful music and lights which we enjoyed.

We rode a gondola which was quite fun and I bought a sun hat finally, as my sunglasses broke and the heat was bound to melt us. 

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