This Christmas my family did something kind of different and spent the holiday in Florida! We spent a couple days at Universal Studios, Disney World, and Cocoa beach. We haven’t been able to do many trips with our entire family lately with me at college, and it will only get trickier as my sister Ali leaves this fall, so it was a great chance to spend some time together. 

Highlights from Florida:

  • Gluten free fish & chips from Disney Springs, Raglan Pub. Oh & onion rings. SO, SO, GOOD. (& probably so bad..haha oh well!)
  • Mickey Mouse head ice cream cone. YUMMM
  • Sparkly Minnie Mouse ears. First purchase in the park Friday morning & I didn’t regret it
  • Meeting Peter Pan & riding the Peter Pan ride
  • 6 water rides in a row (not so much the drenched through for hours part though)
  • Realizing Space Mtn. (& Splash Mtn.) aren’t even scary, even if as a child they were terrifying
  • Spending time with my family
  • Zach never taking off his Santa hat with Yoda ears 
  • Frozen butterbeer
  • & visiting Harry Potter’s world. BYU’s great and all, but I always really wanted to attend Hogwarts. 

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