How to survive (ROCK) the first 3 weeks of school

Three weeks into school, & I don’t remember a college semester ever going so well right from the beginning. Seriously getting some good vibes for this semester…(hope they don’t prove me wrong!)

I’ve put together a few of my favorite “to do’s” & “not to do’s” for the few first weeks of school!

(all based off true experience)

//TO DO//

  1. dress well: aka look good and feel good, avoid the outfits that are only one or the other
  2. eat well: ice cream is good, but it is not a meal and should not be treated as such
  3. find your routine, asap: just do it
  4. keep a schedule on hand: I don’t care if it’s week 1 or week 8, when my classes are all in the same building and look identical, I have to check where they are 
  5. be friendly: you won’t ever regret that in the long run


  1. don’t walk into the wrong class, or sit through the wrong lecture (but if you do act cool and just casually leave while assuring yourself you’ll never see any of those people again)
  2. don’t accidentally run to class at 830am, when class is in fact at 930am, really don’t do this
  3. don’t leave 1/2 of your math homework for the last week of the semester (SERIOUSLY)
  4. don’t tell your roommates about a cute boy until after you find out if he’s married or not (HINT: he probably is)
  5. don’t stay inside and study for an entire weekend if it is not absolutely imperative

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