Feminism: I am a feminist

I consider myself a feminist, but likely this is an uncomfortable term or even shocking association to some. & to be entirely honest, adding “I am a feminist” into the title of this post took some courage.

I’m not talking about bra-burning. I’m not talking about political parties. I’m not talking about abortion or the idea that women need to be flourishing in business and abandoning family practices. & I am definitely not talking about women being greater than men, because they aren’t, and the opposite holds true as well.

Feminism is about equality. And with this new definition, I think I, and many of you, are inadvertent feminists. Feminism can be such a negative word, and I understand that. But why can’t women be educated mothers who are also successful in business? & why should I, or any woman, not be able to expect the same pay for the same job? Or why can’t mothers stay at home and focus on their children without being patronized? There’s little anyone can do in this world without someone patronizing their decision, if we’re being real about things.

Merriam-Webster Definition of Feminism: “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”

Feminism is NOT Women>Men, Feminism is Women (are) = (to) Men

Additionally, I have no interest in doing everything a man does. A mother’s role and a father’s role are both equally important.

I just want to get paid the same salary as a man for doing the same exact thing. I want girls to have the same educational opportunities as boys in developing countries. & overall I just want girls and women alike to not ever feel disadvantaged because they are female. That should be a strength, as should being a man.

hey, maybe I’ll write about feminism some more later

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