Visiting NYC, 2016

My grandma and I went to New York City for one week and we saw A LOT.  So here are some pictures along with a little list of all of the things we did & tips from a hardly expert NYC traveler.

  • Thursday: arrived, ate dinner, checked into hotel (Lexington Signature Series — cute & great location)
  • Friday: Took the hop-on hop-off bus and went uptown to the Bronx, Yankee Stadium, Central Park, and ended our day at the MOMA (free admission Friday nights to all)
  • Saturday: Took the sightseeing bus through downtown: Times Square, saw the Flatiron, went to the 9/11 memorial and the Tribute Center (not the actual museum which was busy, busy, busy), walked the Brooklyn Bridge (must do! Super crowded, but easy walk), went to the top of the Rockefeller center as well as the top of the Empire State Building and then walked back to our hotel. (8.5 miles of walking that day!)
    • In my personal opinion, Top of the Rock has a better view and is more enjoyable than the top of the Empire State Building. Going to both in a row and seeing the sunset from the Empire State Building was neat though.
  • Sunday: Went to church at the LDS ward that meets in the temple, walked around central park, went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (officially obsessed with that place), did a night tour on our sightseeing bus (we had a three day package), and I ran into my friend Liz in Times Square!! So fun.
  • Monday: Statue of Liberty Day. Took a ferry to Liberty Island, walked up to the top of the pedestal, then took a ferry to Ellis Island and did a few tours there. Afterward we walked around downtown Manhattan and I met up with a friend that night to eat at a fun little taco shop.
  • Tuesday: Visited the Museum of Natural History (cool, full of kids), then we waited in line a TKTS (middle of Times Square) to get 1/2 price Broadway tickets. The line was way quick and the Broadway show was TO DIE FOR. We saw Finding Neverland and I would see it again in a heartbeat.
  • Wednesday: On our last day we visited The Highline, a repurposed railroad track turned into a park/walking path and then flew home. The Highline was beautiful and a super fun way to spend our last day.

(Pictures are under construction—Sorry!) 

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