Books in Review

I had goals to read a whole lot of books this summer and I wasn’t able to finish the entire list. (Let’s be honest it was somewhat long and unrealistic). But this was my first summer since starting college where I didn’t have classes and I wasn’t working a full 40 hours a week. So here’s a quick review on the books I did read this summer.

  • Girl Boss: Sophia Amoruso
    • This book is a fun, quick read. I’m not familiar with Amoruso’s company (Nasty Gal Vintage), but I loved reading about her journey to success. From Ebay to hitchhiking it’s highly entertaining.
  • Eve and the Choice Made in Eden: Beverly Campbell
    • This book honestly needs to be read by everyone. It is so good! I’m hoping to read the sequel soon as I just recently learned of its existence. This book is written by a Mormon author and discusses the doctrine or Adam and Eve and their time in Eden. She draws heavily on the original translations, the meanings of words and the Mormon interpretations.
  • The Holy Temple: Boyd K. Packer
    • I loved reading this book. Boyd K. Packer brings up some great insights that I hadn’t thought of before, such as the meaning of order. Definitely a good read for anyone who wants to learn more about LDS temples.
  • Tattooed MormonAl Fox Carraway
    • This is a super quick and easy read. This book tells about Al Carraway’s life, focusing on her experience with Mormon missionaries and everything in her life since then. I’m a big believer that everyone has interesting things to share if you just ask the right questions and I think this book reinforces that idea.
  • Elizabeth Smart: Elizabeth Smart
    • I am honestly so impressed with the way Elizabeth Smart wrote this book. I shied away from reading it because I was worried about the graphic details and wasn’t sure I could handle it. Her story always haunted my childhood since I’m not too much younger than her, slept in the same room as my sister and lived on the first floor of my house. I am so glad I read this though and highly recommend it because she has a very special way of telling her story that leaves you feeling hope and let’s you know what happened without the graphicness she could have added.
  • Me Before You: JoJo Moyes
    • I honestly had no idea what this book was about before I picked it up. I knew it was going to be a movie so I got it from Barnes and Noble and I loved the characters. The plot is so complicated, heart-breaking, and lifelike. When the movie did come out I was pretty disappointed by how much had been neglected. The actors were fantastic but the plot was so simple and clean which is entirely not what the story line required. Personally I think the book is 100 times better.
  • Contagious: Jonah Berger
    • This book was a recommendation from one of my teachers last year. It’s about social media and what makes things spread. It was interesting to read about what emotions make people want to share things, how perceptions are effected by what we share and ultimately what makes things viral. Good read, especially for anyone interested in social media.
  • Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Other Die: Chip Heath and Dan Heath
    • This book was required by my professor to be read before we started school this Fall. It was very related to Contagious, but it was less focused on social media and more on ideas. This is widely more applicable because it gave examples of media campaigns, health reports and even managers trying to help their employees remember ideas. 

UP NEXT: How to win friends and influence people: Dale Carnegie; I am Malala: Christina Lamb and Malala Yousafzai; The Continuous Atonement: Brad Wilcox

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