I graduated… & moved my blog.

Hi friends! I had to move my blog because my student account ended this year. (WHAT) Because of this there are a few growing pains AKA: I lost all of my old pictures on my blog. BUT, I’m going to spend most of my time improving the posts going forward not backward because I’m all about living in the moment. & no one has that kind of time.

So welcome to this new and hopefully lasting platform we’ve got here. (fingers crossed!)

This last week I graduated from BYU. I don’t know how to sum up something like graduating from college, especially because I’m currently in NYC with a bunch of BYU students working as interns. So my heart & mind feel like I’m going straight back to the Brimhall Building this fall & I’m sure that’s when I’ll have some real thoughts about it all.

But I do have real pictures now, so here are a few of those.

The Brimhall (communications) Building
My best friend & freshman roommate
Friends ❤
IMG_5029 (1)


Maren & I had a class together the first & last semesters of college (& a few in between)
Celeste my PR friend! Both so happy to have completed Capstone the day before graduation






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