I survived my first week in NYC

here’s a quick brain dump of my first week in the big apple. (so cliche it hurts)

Sunday night—met my friend Tanner at the airport at approximately midnight for our red eye

Monday morning—(4:30 a.m. Utah time or 6:30 a.m. NYC time) arrived with red eyes (but really because we were so tired)

Monday day—walked 10 miles. Moved into our (tiny) apartments, found our places of employment, walked around Central Park, ate Mexican food & discussed PR like the nerds we are.

Tuesday—went to work. Survived. Had a class meeting with a BYU alum.

Wednesday—went to work, then visited Central Park & watched the sunset! This is going to start getting repetitive real quick.

Thursday—work again & then a visit to Y&R (an ad agency) where we had a BYU Alum (Adrian Martin) speak with us.

Friday—work & then the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. I have been waiting to come back here all year & I’ve been studying modern art for the past semester. Seeing Monet, Van Gogh, Pollock, Krasner etc. was beautiful & I would 10/10 recommend anyone coming through NYC make the stop. I teared up when we walked into Monet’s garden, because there’s just something about art that says so much to my heart.

P.S. it’s free on Fridays. P.P.S. I will go with you any day.

After the museum we went to a Mexican Restaurant (because Cinco de Mayo!) & mostly because we love Mexican food. It was a 1.5/10 and we will not be going back. But it’s all for the experience, is it not?

Saturday—Visited The High Line (a repurposed railroad track park) & the Fearless Girl then stopped at Trader Joes for the first affordable groceries of our entire trip.

Note about the Fearless girl: The Fearless girl statue was very busy & has obviously been highly debated. (just google it) However, aside from who made it or the fact that it does change the meaning of the Charging Bull, I love it. It’s empowering and Saturday I saw people from so many backgrounds coming together to get pictures with this girl who symbolizes (to me) the empowerment that so many girls and even women need here on Wallstreet, but more importantly around the entire world. Women are so powerful & so influential, but yet so repressed around the world. Women’s issues and women’s empowerment are both things that I am very passionate about though, so I’ll just leave this here for another day.

Sunday—church & writing this blog post (plus I’m going to central park in few minutes)

foggy central park & blossoms


the interns
Monet ❤ ❤ ❤
foggy afternoon after work
the city
sunset at central park
the interns part 2
the girls
the Highline
Fearless Girl

*shoutout to Tanner, Sam & iPhones for being our photographers*

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