Living in the Sky

This morning my mom asked me how late I sleep in on the weekends. I told her it gets bright as day at 6:15 a.m. and maybe the reason it did that is because we are living in the sky. She suggested I name my blog post that, so it seemed only appropriate.

Here are a couple moments from my week:

Tuesday—I bought a little plant for my room and it is so bright and happy. (pictures of my small room and plant below, because I know you’re all dying to see it 😉 )

Wednesday—Got on the 6 train to work (I work about five or six stops away?) with two of my friends and two stops in the train stopped. A few minutes later an announcement was made that the train needed repair and that we could move over to the Q train. Well, I’d never taken the Q train, but from a quick google search it seemed like it could get me where I needed. We walked over there, hopped on and all of the sudden we were south of Times Square. Hint: Not at ALL where we needed to be. So my friends ended up taking a taxi (they work together) and I thought I’d walk, because it seemed close on my phone. 3 miles later I ended up at work with some insane blisters (new shoes that day, lesson learned) and a new knowledge to never take the Q train to work. In fact, I learned it would’ve been faster for me to walk from the street the 6 train had stopped on, straight to work. Notes for the future…

Thursday—My friend Claire ended up with two free Broadway tickets to see Groundhog Day after work and she brought me along. It was good, but not a favorite. Talented cast though! (Also not super kid-friendly FYI)

Friday—Call me crazy, but Friday I went back to the MOMA. LOVE that place. (Thanks to friends like Tanner who will fully indulge me going back to an art museum 2 weeks in a row.) Sitting in front of Monet’s water lilies is arguably one of the best places to be, ever. They stretch across an entire wall and have a room dedicated to themselves. It’s beautiful.

Friday after the MOMA we walked through Times Square and made our way back uptown where we stopped at BareBurger, which has great gluten free options incase anyone cares. (If you ever need to know how to survive in NYC gluten free, let me know because I am quickly learning.)

Saturday—Torrential downpour day. Tanner & I went grocery shopping with umbrellas and rain jackets. It’s interesting how different a mundane activity like grocery shopping or doing laundry can be here. Cue the man wheeling his laundry down the street with an umbrella over it—yikes! Afterward a few of us went to the Natural History Museum. It’s cool, but the best part is the upstairs dinosaur exhibit and the downstairs underwater area in my opinion.

Once we were finished at the museum we went to dinner and headed home, because when it rains here it rains and we were all wet and cold so it didn’t make much sense to try to do anything else.

Tip: If you’re coming to NYC anytime soon, bring an umbrella because you just never know. This morning it was beautiful and 10 minutes ago it started pouring like I have rarely seen in my life. (Now I’m understanding Utah really IS a desert.)

my tiny orchid
my tiny room (the other side is my roommate’s)

I promise I’ll take more pictures next week!

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