NYC: Week Three Pictures

Here’s a short (& late) recap of week 3 through pictures. IMG_3631You know it’s a good day when you see the sunset in central park. (Although I did get approximately 12 bug bites from that run—you win some you lose some)


Wednesday I won the first Broadway lottery I have ever entered, so it was arguably the luckiest day of my life. And Lion King was incredible!


Saturday we visited the Brooklyn Bridge & walked to Chinatown

IMG_3659 (1)



Found this pond full of turtles in Central Park


More pictures of Central Park for your viewing pleasure, because it was definitely in the top 10 prettiest Sunday walks I’ve taken in my life.



The PR interns: Claire, Tanner, & me (incase you forgot what I look like)


Me beating Tanner at monopoly deal for possibly the sixth time in a row


On Friday we visited the MET as a class. I have a feeling living by the MET and working down the street from the MOMA will ruin me for life…but I have no regrets.



Tanner has one pan (thanks Tanner!!) and we both have one set of dishes (literally: plate, bowl, cup, silverware) so these tacos were pretty impressive. And delicious.


My friend McKall got home from Cambodia this weekend and my family sent me this picture—I’ve officially been replaced, but I couldn’t have handpicked a better replacement. 🙂

IMG_3637 (1)

Also on an unrelated to NYC note—I found my glasses that were lost for 2 weeks last week. It was a pretty big deal, but I had already ordered more so these ones have officially been replaced. So long glasses, it was a good run.

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