One month in NYC

I have officially been living in NYC for an entire month (mind blown!). The oddest part about it, is I’m having a hard time imagining not living here. I’ve never lived in Utah as a college graduate so I can’t imagine the Utah counterpart of my current life. Does that make any sense? Hopefully.

Last weekend my mom and sister came to visit and it was so fun to see them! So here’s a couple of pictures from the weekend, because those are more fun than me rambling about everything we did.

I will say though, because I don’t have a high-quality picture of it, Ali and my mom and I went to Waitress starring Sara Bareilles (also music written by her) and it was INCREDIBLE. She’s only performing for another week though, so you’ll have to take my word for it.



Saturday morning we went to the top of the Rockefeller building. I recommend it over the Empire State Building, because you can see the Empire State Building from the Rock—which is much more iconic anyway. So if you want to take NYC recommendations from me, that’s one.


Us just after church in front of my building. If I look tired to you, it’s because I had just taught a class of six 6-7 year olds in primary.


Sunday we went for a walk through Central Park. I’m dreading any week in the future when my Sunday’s no longer include a walk in Central Park.


Monday we went to the MET & Friday we went to the MOMA. So that is 3 times I’ve been to the MOMA and 2 times to the MET, and I can personally guarantee I will be going to both again. Ali wasn’t thrilled, but she was a good sport about it.

That’s all for this week. & I promise next post I’ll come up with a more clever title than the date of how long I’ve been here. (I love writing, but titles have never been my forte).

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