If you are interested in skin care, makeup, Glossier, things I love — stick around. Otherwise feel free to move right along to my next post and I won’t be offended.

But for all of you still here, I’ve had a bunch of friends asking me about Glossier and I thought it was probably about time to write something up. I am not an esthetician, but I do love Glossier and use almost all of their products. So here’s a quick rundown of all things Glossier and my top picks.



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(Yes, I get a store credit if you use the link, but I’d really be buying the stuff either way, so it’s truly a win-win for us both! But I’m really not sponsored or selling it, it’s just this awesome, guys.)

I’ve been using Glossier for about a year and I’ve had amazing results. I’ve never been more confident in my skin and I’ve never felt like it was so healthy. Below I outlined the skin care and makeup products I’ve used and how I feel about them. Underlined are my favorite can’t-miss products.


Milky Jelly Cleanser: This cleanser is amazing. It’s a very gentle cleanser that breaks down my makeup and makes my face feel clean without feeling dry. I don’t even have to use makeup remover if I just scrub my face for a few extra seconds. Often when your face is breaking out, you feel like you need something harsher, stronger, etc. But I’ve found glossier’s gentle products have given me better results than any other product or recommendation from the dermatologist. (Crazy, I know!) One bottle lasts me around three months.

Serums: I’ve used Super Bounce, Super Pure and Super Glow and had varying results. Super Pure is my favorite and it is indispensable in my skincare routine. My skin has NEVER been clearer it’s amazing. Super bounce is hydrating and I definitely think it’s improved my skin, but super glow hasn’t made any real improvements that I can tell. If you have to try one and you have any acne, SUPER PURE is the way to go. Plus I only use 3 drops a night, so it lasts a while.

Solution: This is a new liquid exfoliator that promises to be amazing, and considering my prior success I bought it right away. So far it’s been fantastic, but it’s too soon to promise anything. I will say my face feels cleaner, softer and smoother.

Mask Duo: The Mega Green Galaxy Pack and Moisturizer Moon Mask are definitely best used together, which does require a 40-minute commitment. If you love masks, you will probably love these. If not, you can skip them. My face definitely feels refreshed after using it, even *glowy,* though and it is nice to treat yourself after a long week.

Priming Moisturizer Rich: Smells wonderful (lavender) and made my skin feel very nice. I didn’t reorder only because $$ (I mean I just graduated college!), so I ordered the ELF version of rich moisturizer. TBD which one I stick with.

Balm Dotcom: I’ve used the rose and mint balm dotcom and I really like them, but it is a $12 chapstick so take that how you want.

Priming Moisturizer: This to me is not a “must have” product. It was fine, but it does contain retinol and I think it made my face more sensitive. In any case, I’ve cut it out of my routine and haven’t lost any of the benefits of their products. So if it works for you, use it! But I don’t love it. *I do use ELF glow lotion!*


Boy brow: Yes, Yes, Yes. This is definitely one of my top-5 must-have Glossier products. Boy brow fills in my eyebrows while keeping them very natural. I tint my eyebrows on my own, but with boy brow, I can go so much longer between the tints. I’ve used this type of liquid mascara-like eyebrow product before and never liked it, but this is really user-friendly and easy. (Trust me I’m still trying to figure out eye-liner.)

Stretch Concealer: I’m definitely a fan of the stretch concealer! It’s super smooth and includes shea butter which helps it to blend into your skin seamlessly. It covers up the dark areas under my eyes, and some discoloration, but it’s not going to cover major breakouts. Some of the flack that Glossier has received is that the makeup is only for people with good skin. Ok yes, sort of that true. BUT if you use their skin care product you will have nice skin! So it’s really a win-win. But if you’re not looking for a natural look, Glossier makeup is probably not for you. *I use medium.*

Haloscope: Another one of my favorites is haloscope. Love, love, love. I use it on my cheekbones, bones, cupids bow, and sometimes right below my eyebrow on the outside of my eyes. Anywhere you want a little healthy shin/glow swipe it on and then just pat your face in the area with your fingers to blend. Protip: you can always take away some shine with powder foundation. *I use Quartz haloscope and Bareminerals, porcelain 3 powder foundation.*

Cloud Paint: Glossier’s cloud paint is cream blush in a tube and it’s super pigmented. I like my cloud paint and I think they’ll last almost forever, plus I like how they blend into my skin for a very natural look. *I use puff and beam.*

Generation G: Generation G is the natural, buildable lip stain I’ve always wanted in my life. I’m not a lipstick person, so I don’t wear it too often, but it’s so easy! It builds nicely for a darker shade, but when it comes off it slowly fades so it doesn’t leave smudges or blotchiness on your lips. (Yes, I know I really have a knack for talking about makeup. Lol.)

Body Hero Soap & Lotion: The Glossier body soap is a great idea, it’s gentle, it’s cute but I personally think it smells terrible. Like I didn’t finish the bottle because the musk reminds me too much of my dog at the lake. I’m sorry, it just had to be said.

The lotion is nice though, it definitely soaks into your skin quickly if you need to put your jeans back on real quick. It also smells better, even though it’s technically the same scent. Probably won’t reorder, but still up in the air.

YOU perfume: This perfume, on the other hand, smells fantastic. It stays around all day, and it smells divine. Obviously personal preference, but I personally really enjoy it.


So, if you want to give Glossier a try use my 10% off here!


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