Hi! I’m Bailey


I am a 22ish year old girl, living in NYC and interning for a PR agency. I just graduated from BYU Provo and studied (you guessed it) public relations. I write to remember, entertain and learn.

My dream has always been to work for, or create my own, innovative and socially responsible company. Current favs: THINX, Warby Parker and The Skimm. Ultimately I want to work on aiding women’s issues (nationally and internationally) & in my dreams I do PR for an art museum. (sigh)

I love to be outside—especially hiking & rock climbing. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, but I also love to stay home. (I’ve been to a dozen countries and counting.)

I have a business minor, I hate the oxford comma and I wear glasses. Come August (after my internship) my plans are a little up in the air. So stick around!

Want to chat? Email me at bailey.anne.louise [at] gmail.com

So hey! Welcome to my blog.

XOXO Bailey Louise


(This is a personal blog & is not affiliated with my employer Eric Mower & Associates, EMA.)