Hi! I’m Bailey



I am a 22ish-year-old girl, living and working in NYC. I graduated from BYU in 2017 where I studied public relations and had a lot of crazy cool opportunities (think: behind the scenes of the Tour de France, marketing campaigns for bomb-detecting Gambian Pouch Rats, capstone project with Marriott Int’l).

I’m obsessed with marketing, strategy and good branding.

A few fun facts in case you’re curious and want to be my friend:

I have celiac, so I’m gluten free. (Like reallly gluten free.) And have been since 2012.

Ultimately, I want my work to aid women’s issues (nationally and internationally) & in my dreams, I work at an art museum. (sigh)

I love to be outside—especially playing tennis, hiking & rock climbing. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, but I also love to stay home and read a book or chat with friends. (I’ve been to 13 countries and counting.)

I have a business minor, I hate the Oxford comma and I wear glasses.

Want to chat? Ask me about NY? Need a gluten-free recommendation? Email me at bailey.anne.louise [at] gmail.com

So hey! Welcome to my blog.

XOXO Bailey Louise